The EQUITRON Media Preparator is very useful for laboratories requiring 3-60 ltrs media per day. EQUITRON Media Preparator eliminates all manual intervention’s required in the process of preparing media & ensures accurate temperature control & uniformity which result in best quality media.

Media is poured directly in to a special container in the Autoclave, which also has a magnetic stirrer. The media mixes in this, the temperature rises to user settable sterilizing temperature, holds for the desired time, then cools rapidly to the media pouring temperature between 45 & 65ºC and then, without opening the Autoclave, the desired volume of media can be dispensed aseptically and directly onto petri plates - placed in a Clean bench - by an external peristaltic pump.


  • Pharma & Biotech industries, Food research & quality assurance labs, Agriculture research & quality assurance lab, Health care & diagnostic labs, Veterinary diagnostic labs, Universities.

EQUITRON Advantages:

  • Prepares liquid media agar - 3~9 lit in #7415-09, 12~27 lit in #7415-27 & 10~60 L in #7415-60M.
  • It autoclaves/sterilizes & cools the media to user settable temperature within 60-110 minutes.
  • Continuous stirring throughout the cycle assures proper mixing of media & uniformity.
  • Separate large addition port provided for adding nutrient / blood.
  • Controls actual media temperature as temperature probe is kept immersed in media.
  • Media sterilization temperature range: up to 122°C.
  • Media dispense temp range: 40~80°C.
  • Removable / exchangeable media vessels & hence easy to clean and enables back to back preparation of different media.
  • Inbuilt support pressure mechanism/system avoids over boiling of media during cooling phase.
  • Online printing to DMP printer with complete cycle information & temperature readings.

Model Product Capacity External Dimension
L/W/D in mm
#7415-09 Media Preparator cum Autoclave 09 L 720 x 530 x 940
#7415-27 Media Preparator cum Autoclave 27 L 870 x 630 x 1050
#7415-60M Media Preparator cum Autoclave 60 L 1240 x 730 x 1140
#S4305-70 Peristaltic Pump -- --
#S1104-50- Raw Water Filter -- --
#S4305-12 Booster Pump -- --
#S3101-53 Media Container 09 L --
#S3101-54 Media Container 27 L --


Peristaltic Pump:
It is used to dispense the required quantity of media from media preparator.

  • Programmable fill volume.
  • Programmable suck back to prevent dripping.
  • Fill by revolution count for better accuracy.
  • Copy function for repeat fill.
  • Signals for synchronising with filling line.

Raw Water Filter:
Raw (Cooling) water with high TDS will increase the scalling, thus it will reduce the efficiency of EQUICLAVE considerably. The filter cum softening assembly for EQUICLAVE is essential, if the cooling water hardness is high.

Booster Water Pump: #S4305-12:
A booster pump would be essential where pressurised (2-4 bar) raw / cooling water is not available. The booster pump will increase the raw / cooling water pressure to match the requirement to operate the media preparator.

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