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  • Roteva - Rotary vacuum evaporators are efficient laboratory distillation units for applications like standard solvent distillations, concentration of reaction mass or solutions, separation of solvents from extracts, crystallization and powder drying. Along with carefully designed accessories it becomes a work horse in any laboratory

Item Specification Item Specification
Heating bath dimensions Ø 230 x 130 mm Power supply 230 V, AC, 50 Hz
Volume of heating bath 4 lit. Approx. Rotation speed 30 to 270 rpm
Bath heater capacity 1200 Watts Rotation speed display Yes
Heating bath controller PID with display for set & actual temp. Lift Motorised
Bath temperature range Ambient + 5 to 180°C Manual lift (When power fails) Yes
Temperature accuracy ± 2°C Height adjustment 170 mm Approx.
Independent safety cutout @ 190 °C Flask ejector Yes
Heating bath material SS 304 Condenser support Yes
Min / Max flask size 50 ml / 3000 ml Foot print 220 cm²
Cond. cooling area: D, V 1200 cm² Glass sets available* D, V
Environmental conditions (Temp.) 10 to 40°C Threaded connectors for utilities Yes
- - Feed stopcock & tube made of PTFE
- - Environmental Conditions (% RH) Max 80% NC
NOTE: All the Evaporators are supplied with one litre evaporating and receiving flasks as standard. *Glass set with Reflux can be offered on request.


Model Item Capacity
8763.RD0.000 ROTEVA – 63 series with Diagonal Glass Set (D) 3 L Max
8763.RV0.000 ROTEVA – 63 series with Vertical Glass Set (V) 3 L Max

ROTEVA Optional Accessories Ordering Information:

Model Item Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) / Gr weight
#8911.DVS.199 Digital Vapour Temperature indicator with Sensor -
#8920.DVC.MBX Digital Vacuum Controller 440 x 400 x 330 mm / 5.5 kg
#8930.X00.000 Manual Chiller 530 x 530 x 550 mm / 8 kg
#8502.ROT.000 Refrigerated Chiller 740 x 600 x 850 mm / 67 kg
#9072.005 Vacuum Pump – 5 mbar 500 x 360 x 350 mm / 18 kg
#6990-50 Float Balls Pack (for Water Bath) -
#S1002-10 Flask Stand for RB Flask Ø160mm -
#8841.CT0.000 Vacuum Trap (Cold trap type) w/SS support rod, clamp & base -
#8841.CT0.202 Vacuum Trap (Cold trap type) w/SS support rod & clamp for V02 / 020 models -

Spare Flasks / Glassware Ordering Information:

Capacity/Item Evaporating ‘B-29’ Receiving Flask ‘S-35’
50 ml #S1315-05 #S1316-05
100 ml #S1315-10 #S1316-10
250 ml #S1315-15 #S1316-15
500 ml #S1315-20 #S1316-20
1,000 ml #S1315-25 #S1316-25
2,000 ml #S1315-30 #S1316-30
3,000 ml #S1315-35 #S1316-35

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

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